How does it work?

Everything begins when you upload a new file to the library. The system “reads” it and after a short period (depending on the file’s size) you receive an extract featuring the most common words, phrases, names and digits included in the text. The system also aids you in the categorization of the file by compiling a list of topics it is most likely related to.

Do not lose heart when you get a long search result list from Google - just upload the documents or pages in your personal library and find out what all these documents are about before reading them.

What is extracted from the text?

Capitalized phrases - these could be people, company names, countries, cities, organization names;

References - all URLs and emails found in the document.

Contextually important words - they are the most common words in the text and are strictly specific to it.

Contextually important phrases (SIPs) - similar to the important words, these are noun phrases that are statistically significant for the current document and not important for the rest of your documents. They give you the gist which is so important when you have to process a lot of information in order to find something in particular.

How to use the extracted information? 

Organizing your personal content. The Digital Library supports a list of predefined topics. Based on the extracted information the system “automagically” suggests topics the document most likely belongs to.

Building your own catalogue. The extracted words and phrases carry the meaning of the text. You can use them as keywords to build your personal catalogue, different from the one provided. It can then be accessed from the "Documents by Keywords" section of the menu.

Finding similar documents. Using the “Important words” and “Important phrases” the system is able to locate similar documents in your personal library. They are listed under the “Similar documents” link in each Document page.

Smart full- text search. Every excerpt is linked to the search engine! You can click on a phrase or important word and receive a list of all documents including it. The search results are ordered by relevance and the parts of the document that include the searching term are highlighted;