Release notes

v0.4, 12 Aug 2011

The newest version of i-Librarian improves and extends the following functionalities:

  • improved noun phrase extraction (faster, higher quality) and presentation (more informative);
  • more means to upload documents and images (local file, from URL, direct text input);
  • faster page rendering because of the asynchronous widget requests;
  • support for more file formats (fb2, chm, mobi, pdb, djvu, epub, lit, mht, docx);

Furthermore, new useful features have been introduced:

  • support for Bulgarian language;
  • possibility to re-submit a document for text mining processing;
  • item list filters that make them more convenient and informative.

v0.1, 28 Feb 2011

The initial functionalities available in i-Librarian are listed below:

  • Authoring and publishing of heterogeneous multilingual content
  • Language processing of text content, supported in English
  • Multilingual full-text and similarity search
  • Automatic annotation of important words, phrases and name entities
  • Enhanced content navigation based on text annotations