Project summary

i-Librarian v1.2 is a web-based content assistant service, which allows users not only to store, organize and publish their personal works but also to locate similar documents in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Polish and Romanian and to easily obtain the most essential texts from large collections of unfamiliar documents or search engine results.

This service is part of the ATLAS, funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme. Its main purpose is to facilitate the multilingual Web content development and management, in particular the authoring, versioning and maintenance of multilingual web sites.


Welcome to your online digital library!

The intelligent way to browse, categorize and analyze your electronic books and documents in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Polish and Romanian. Your personal digital library stores, summarizes and catalogues your books, papers, documents, articles, lyrics, subtitles, etc. so that nothing is ever lost or forgotten!

Retrieving Information

The library automatically compiles a summary of each document, featuring all relevant information about it - common words and phrases, capitalized phrases, URLs, similar documents, extractive summary etc. Using these extracts you can then create your own keywords for each file and categorize your collection according to your personal liking!

Automatic categorization

Unlike most other digital libraries, there is now no need to manually categorize your documents – after upload, the library automatically catalogues them using a comprehensively trained model. The library also makes suggestions about other topics that are relevant to the document, therefore reducing the time spent on categorization to a minimum.

Full text search

After a document is processed, it is indexed by a powerful high-speed full-text search engine, based on Lucene. Using a simple, Google-like search form, you can quickly find words or phrases in all your documents. The search results provide up to three excerpts from the text, best matching the search terms.

Similarity search

Your digital library will guide you through your and all other library publications by finding similar documents in the supported languages. The similarity between two documents is calculated using the extracted essence of the documents.

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